WCI Pilot & Embarkation Ladders:


We recently set the first and only workshop in Panama that can manufacturing certified pilot and embarkation ladders according to IMO regulations and also customized ladders according to customer’s instructions.    Pilot Ladders are designed to enable a maritime pilot to embark and disembark from a ship safely against a vertical portion of the ship’s hull.   These are approved to specifications set by the International regulations such as SOLAS and IMO.  All our ladders are manufactured according to the ISO 799-1:2019,  IMO Resolution A.1045(27), IMO MSC/Circ. 1428 and Solas 74 Convention as amended, Regulations V/23, X/3.  

·         Designed for embarking or disembarking of pilots from the vessel

·         Each wooden part is made of hardwood, free from knots.  Our wood is not treated or coated with paint, varnish or other coatings, which either change the friction coefficient or hide the natural grain.

·         Each side rope is mildew-resistant manila rope meeting ISO 1181:2004 and a breaking strength of at least 24 k.   The specification of the diameter of side ropes is 20 mm (63 mm circumference).

·         Each stainless steel part is of a marine grade alloy with a corrosion resistance at least equal to grade “4401-316-00I” in ISO 15510:2014.

·         Each plastic material has a type that retains at least 30 % of its original tensile strength and at least 80 % of its original impact strength when subjected to the one-year outdoor weathering test described in Method A of ISO 877-2:2009.

·         Each side of the ladder consists on a continuous loop of rope with the joint above the top step or below the bottom step.

·         Bottom step has continuous rope at both sides.

·         Each Wood Step has the following dimension: 525mm x 115mm x 28mm.

·         Each Rubber Step has the following dimension: 525mm x 115mm x 28mm.

·         Each Spreader (Prevention Step) has the following dimension: 1800mm x 115mm x 28mm.

Technical Sheet

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Mooring Ropes & Crane Wire Ropes:


We have a wide stock of European and Asiatic brands of PP and combine fiber ropes 220 MTRS lenght for ship´s security.  A mooring is any permanent structure to which a vessel may be secured.    A ship is secured to a mooring to forestall free movement of the ship on the water.     Mooring is often accomplished using thick ropes called mooring lines or hawsers. The lines are fixed to deck fittings on the vessel at one end and to fittings such as bollards, rings, and cleats on the other end.

Mooring requires cooperation between people on a pier and on a vessel. Heavy mooring lines are often passed from larger vessels to people on a mooring by smaller, weighted heaving lines. Once a mooring line is attached to a bollard, it is pulled tight. Large ships generally tighten their mooring lines using heavy machinery called mooring winches or capstans.

  • Certifications: Lloyd´s Register.
  • Reference Standards: ISO 2307:2010 / ISO 9554:2010 / EN ISO 10556:2009(2015).
  • Diameters: 48-80MM.
  • Mooring Tails 11 and 22 MTRS.


We recently set the first and only workshop in Panama that can perform all kind of ending jobs for Galvanized Wire Ropes for crane and mooring lines.    In the lifting and rigging industries, wire rope is attached to a crane or hoist and fitted with swivels, shackles or hooks to attach to a load and move it in a controlled matter. It can also be used to lift and lower elevators, or as a means of support for suspension bridges or towers.

Components of a wire rope:

Wire: These are the smallest component of wire rope and they make up the individual strands in the rope. Wires can be made from a variety of metal materials including steel, iron, stainless steel, monel, and bronze. The wires can be manufactured in a variety of grades that relate to the strength, resistance to wear, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, and curve of the wire rope.

Strands: consists of two or more wires arranged and twisted in a specific arrangement. The individual strands are then laid in a helical pattern around the core of the rope.   Strands made of larger diameter wires are more resistant to abrasion, while strands made of smaller diameter wires are more flexible.

Core: It runs through the center of the rope, it is consider the “heart of the wire” and supports the strands and helps to maintain their relative position under loading and bending stresses. Cores can be made from a number of different materials including natural or synthetic fibers and steel

Lubrication: is applied during the manufacturing process and penetrates all the way to the core. Wire rope lubrication reduces friction as the individual wires and strands move over each othe and provides corrosion protection and lubrication in the core, inside wires, and outside surface

  • Certifications: Bureau Veritas / Lloyd´s Register / CCS.

  • Diameters: 6-38MM.

  • Contructions: 6×19 / 6×36 / 19×7 / 35×7.

  • Mooring Line and Crane Wire Ropes.

  • Wire Rope Slings.

Provisions & Technical Stores:

In our WCI Ship Supply division our goal is to build relations based on trust and a reliable service with our customers, as we look forward to keep it on a long term basis, we strive to enhance client’s satisfaction and improve our cooperation adding new products and services to ensure that all vessels get the right product when and wherever they need it.

With a strong and well established reputation, WCI has a wide stock of provisions and technical/consumable stores under IMPA codes with different brands and prices, according to our customer’s budget.

Our main warehouse facility is at Panama, from where we have been exporting and cooperating as a wholesale with many South American trading companies and suppliers in inventory purchasing and bulk orders for technical and consumable items, in our stock you will find below products and more.

We are a wholesalers of European and Asiatic food, which we currently import in bulk, in order to provide well-known brands and home town products to our seafarers. Our catering/food Department is in charge of providing our customers with the best quality of provisions and etchnic products to be consummed on board.

We offer a wide range of products such as:

  • Fresh/Frozen Vegetables
  • Fresh/Frozen Fruits
  • Fresh/Frozen Meats
  • Fresh/Frozen Seafood
  • Fresh/Frozen Poultry
  • Dry /Tinned Provisions
  • Bread & Cereals
  • Dairy Products
  • Indian Stores and Etchnic food
  • Cleaning Equipment & Products
  • Medicines
  • Stationery
  • Bed Sheet Sets
  • Microwaves, coffee makers, Blenders, refrigerators and more in 220V
  • Washing & Laundry Machines 220V
  • Galley cookware and tableware

All our ladders are manufactured according to the ISO 799,  IMO Resolution A.1045(27), IMO MSC/Circ. 1428 and Solas 74 Convention as amended, Regulations V/23, X/3.   Under these regulations, for the top of the ladders, one side is spliced and seizing in single rope and the other is 3 MTRs free for ship winches use.   

  • SOLAS Approved
  • Class Certifications
  • Under IMO Regulations

We have a wide stock directly from European and Asian factories with the following products and more:

  • Personnel Protection Equipment: Chemical suits, gloves, helmets, boots, overalls, Masks, Eyewear, working shoes, ear protective stores, among many others.
  • Smoke Signals
  • Man-overboard (MOB) Light & Smoke
  • Line throwing apparatus & rockets
  • Life Jackets & Life Jacket Lights
  • Lifebuoys light
  • Handflares
  • Immersion Suits
  • Thermal Protective Aids
  • Retro-Reflective tapes
  • Compasses
  • Food & Water Rations
  • First Aid Kits
  • IMO Symbols and other signs
  • EEBD and Breathing apparatus
  • Breathing air compressor
  • Gas detectors
  • Flashlights
  • Handflares
  • Navigation lamps
  • Fluorescent lamps
  • Hallogen bulbs
  • Electrical cables
  • Watertight plugs
  • Cable shoes and terminals
  • Electricals starters
  • LED lights

Featured Products:

  • Cutting Discs
  • Screws / Nuts
  • General hardware
  • Metals and pipes
  • Manual, electric and pneumatic tools
  • Welding equipment and accesories
  • Quick Connect Couplers (PH, SH, SM, PM, SF, PF).
  • 100% Cotton Rags
  • Wallnut shells
  • Screws / Nuts
  • Punching Table Set
  • Nautical Charts
  • Flags
  • Publications
  • Radios
  • Radars

Refrigerants and Gases:

  • Freon 404, 407, R22, 134, among many others.
  • Acetylene
  • Oxygen

Nautical Charts & Publications:

We have our own equipment and license from OneOcean Chart Co to print according to customer’s demand. A nautical chart is a graphic representation of a sea area and adjacent coastal regions.  Nautical charting may take the form of charts printed on paper or computerized electronic navigational charts. Recent technologies have made available paper charts which are printed «on demand» with cartographic data that has been downloaded to the commercial printing company as recently as the night before printing. With each daily download, critical data such as Local Notices to Mariners are added to the on-demand chart files so that these charts are up to date at the time of printing.

We also have in stock all the flags and publications at very accurate rates and immediate supplies.

Marine Chemicals:

 Cleaning Equipment:

  • High Pressure Machines 440V 300 bars – 500 bars
  • Chemical Applicator Sets
  • Cleaning Tripod Gun
  • High Pressure hoses and poles
  • Chemical protection suits

World Clean International is a specialized worldwide manufacturer company of marine chemical products and cleaning machines.   We have a wide range of IMO approved and eco-friendly Chemicals for tank cleaning & hold cleaning operations.   We also manufacture water treatment, daily maintenance and deck cleaning products in order to be a one spot point for different solutions.   Our expertise team have more than 25 years of experience in the marine industry, therefore we got a wide knowledge about the main ship´s operators problems, so our mision is to provide accurate and time/money saving products.

We are proud to share that we have started in Panama as logistic port and thanks to the demand and trust from our customers we have been expanding our WCI Brand to the key ports of The Americas, Europe and Asia.

World Clean International has blending facilities in the following main countries and from these strategic points we export to other convenient ports worlwide:

– Panama.

– USA.

– Colombia.

– Chile.

– Peru.

– Argentina.

– Brazil.


– France.


– Greece.


– Turkey.

– Singapore

– India.

– China.

– Vietnam.

– UAE.

Please find below our range of chemicals:

  • Oxalic Acid
  • Caustic Soda
  • Hydrochloric Acid
  • Phosphoric Acid
  • Sodium Hyphochlorite
  • Sulphuric Acid 98%
  • Methanol Laboratory
  • Sodium Hydroxide Pearl
  • Butyl Ether Selosolvente
  • Monopropylene Glycol
  • Metabisulphite
  • Sodium Sulphite
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Etre
  • Turueno
  • Calcium Chloride
  • Boiler Water Treat WCI
  • Catalyst Treat WCI
  • Alkalinity Control WCI
  • Oxygen Control WCI
  • Boiler Coagulant WCI
  • Hardness Remover WCI
  • Distilled Water WCI
  • Oil Spill Dispersant WCI
  • O.S.D.  Plus WCI
  • Tank Cleaner WCI
  • Sea Cleaner WCI
  • Bunker Cleaner HD WCI
  • Break Cleaner Plus WCI
  • Alkaline Cleaner
  • Cooling Water Treat WCI
  • Corrosion Inhibitor WCI
  • Electrocleaner FD WCI
  • Screws Lose WCI
  • Rust Remover WCI
  • Rust Converter WCI
  • Descaling Liquid WCI
  • Descalex Powder WCI
  • Carbon Remover WCI
  • Air Cooler Cleaner WCI
  • Disc Cleaner WCI
  • Antifreeze WCI
  • Aluminium Cleaner WCI
  • Cement Remover WCI
  • Alkaline High WCI
  • Lime Remover WCI
  • Pet Coke Cleaner WCI
  • Cargo Hold Coating
  • Degreaser Full HD WCI
  • Water Degreaser WCI
  • Ultracleaner Plus WCI
  • Hand Cleaner WCI
  • General Degreaser WCI
  • Break Cleaner Plus WCI
  • Enviro Marine Cleaner WCI
  • Universal Wash WCI
  • Varsol WCI
  • Sodium Hypochlorite WCI
  • Wax Remover WCI
  • Bathroom Cleaner WCI
  • Clothing Softener WCI
  • Detergent Powder WCI
  • Typol Liquid Soap WCI
  • Dish Wash WCI
  • Multipurpose WCI
  • Window Cleaner WCI
  • Enzyme Cleaner WCI
  • Calcium Hypochlorite

WCI Ship Agency:


Nowdays, the connection of spare parts in transit coming from all across the world are the issues more worrying for the ship Management and owner companies, therefore as a complimentary service, we provide consolidation, clearance, logistics and smooth delivery of spares in transit.

  • Spares in transit.
  • Boat arrangements.
  • Cash to master.
  • Garbage disposale and water supplies services.

We gladly assist our customers in all the ways possible, as they are part of our WCI Family.

Our main purpose is to provide cost-efficient solutions and very competitive rates, as we consolidate everything is our own trucks and barges.

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